JG Ballard Billboard Project

In the late 1950s J.G. Ballard applied for Arts Council funding for a series of billboards he had designed. He envisioned his experimental graphic collages as a series of large-scale public advertisements.  Inspired by cubist and surrealist techniques, the four collages used text culled from scientific, chemical and engineering journals. Unfortunately the funding for the billboard project was rejected but Ballard re-purposed these collages as Project for a New Novel, a series of concrete poems published in New Worlds and Ambit in the early ’60s.

Here are the billboards as re-imagined in a Twenty-First Century urban context.




David Bowie the when and where

Inspired by my current reading of David McCanddless’ Information is Beautiful, this is when and where Bowie recorded his amazing run of 1970s albums.


BOWIE 1970s albums infographic

Two things of note. Bowie worked fast, most albums are finished in just two months. & interesting to see that only one album from the so-called Berlin Trilogy is recorded at Hansa Studio, Berlin.


King In Yellow T-shirts

I’ve been working on two T-shirt designs based on the 1895 edition of Robert W. Chambers King In Yellow. (The US edition published by F. Tennyson Neely.)



They are available at /

T-Shirt-web-KIY-textureMy first The King in Yellow T-shirt design at Cafepress based on the cover image.


The King In Yellow T-shirt alternative design at Cafepress based on the book spine.

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